Hoffman is the guy’s name.

“Wanderer” goes for his explorative mindset. Being stateless and without ties. Never being limited to one single thing and being open minded to all kinds of subjects.

In recent years, this photography enthusiast has made himself known through his political activism TikTok page, dealing with social issues from an anti-fascist, libertarian and progressive angle, with almost 200,000 followers. Those who thinks that social medias only contain harmful and degrading content for neurons should read this interview carefully 😉

You can also consult his main channel on Instagram. Ultimately, whatever the meaning, as long as we can come together to discuss, exchange, and enrich ourselves by defending radical left ideals rarely (or never) relayed in traditional medias!

Hoffmann Wanderer has the pages!  | By Polka B. / Translations : Nino Futur

Can you tell us more about your background and your social origins? Where did you grow up?

How did you develop your critical thinking?

How did you ended up creating your own TikTok channel, dealing with activist and political content?

I was especially active in the“streets”in Lille. Helping a few associations, I was also active on the usual social networks like Twitter / Facebook. It should be remembered that I lived in the countryside. Going to Lille was no small thing! One day, I had a new job and arrived in Amiens in the middle of Covid!

Impossible for me to meet people... I was fed up with Twitter activism. Very aggressive, very hollow, and without real debate. So I looked into TikTok out for curiosity.

I had a fairly negative image of it. I saw it as “childish thing,” designed for dancing to music and choreos.

But while browsing it, I discovered some really interesting content. In particular scientific popularization in fairly short formats. I had the idea of ​​doing the same for political ideas by popularizing activist speeches. That started it. As a sort of hobby during confinement. And as the feedback was very good, I continued. Even if the channel took a while to “really” launch. (Laughs)

How many videos did you make for it to take?

I created a first account which got striked all the time. As I risk a permanent ban, I started from scratch. Today in a year and a half, I have more than 188,000 subscribers. To be honest, there was a big boom during the second lockdown!

How do you choose your subjects?

There is definitely a reaction to current events. I do a lot of reaction videos. I like to demonstrate that points of view that I consider objectionable are wrong, or that they result from a moral panic. Of course, we must also reestablish truths by mobilizing the right arguments.

It’s true that you respond to a lot of far-right content creators. We feel that they really annoy you, and that the fact of dismantling their argument constitutes a source of motivation!

It’s true. They say so much stupid stuff that I want to react. For me, no one ever contradicts them. Or a very few! And it must be said, it is an easy support for creating content. I bounce off something. And by dismantling statements that are not true, you provide information that makes sense. We try to make it interesting for the people to watch… And sometimes, it’s even quite funny!

Anti-fascism in general, which for me encompasses the fight against all forms of discriminations. Not just fascism as such. The fight against LGBTQIphobia, racism, ableism, classism...
I also address concepts of openness to anarchist themes at the political and social level.

You also create cultural content with reviews of films, series…

I am truly passionate! I didn’t necessarily want to talk about it at first. And one day, someone analyzed the film Fight Club by completely deviating it from its purpose.

Basically, the person was criticizing bringing political content into a film. Which to me sounds totally stupid! Everything is political. You cannot isolate an artistic production from a certain context.

In short, my reaction video was quite popular, and I saw that there was a wait above it. Even though it’s occasional on my account, I’ve continued to do it.

And sometimes I don’t even talk about politics. I’m just giving my opinion and it feels good! Like a break… This gives the channel a slightly lighter tone.

But some films carry very strong political content. The link is obvious. I think for example of Barbie, The Animal Kingdom, or Consent.

Why do you think social media is so saturated with reactionary and conservative content? And why are there so few channels with a progressive and inclusive sensibility?

It’ s all“clickbait”!  Flash,  fast… We are not trying to analyze. Except half the time it’s totally wrong. Or, it’s “half true”: we use a number to assert something by skipping the context. I even saw accounts seriously reporting information from Gorafi ( a french humouristic and satiric newspaper online :ED)! That’s the level!

Anyway, it comes back to what I was telling earlier. If the world is bad, it’s always on other people’s fault. If you’re trying to explain the problems generated by capitalism, just have to say that it’s a « woke thing » ! And that’s it, it’s settled. Otherwise, it’s Islam, or foreigners …

I stopped reading comments on Instagram! It’s globaly trash. Really. Some people openly brag about being Nazis! I have more comments on TikTok, and it’s more nuanced. As long as it stays on the networks, it’s fine.

Last year I had a problem. Members of Amiens’s Action Française (A french far right activist group : ED) waited for me at my work. There were no particular consequences but still! I was in work clothes, and I saw four hooded people in a car. They had parked in front of mine to get me stuck. I didn’t try to play. I didn’t know if they were armed, so I locked myself inside and waited. They wanted to have fun with each other I think. Like “Let’s  scare a woke”.

You also receive a lot of support! Your followers give you strength…