(Punk Grrr, Montreuil)

King Kong Meuf is a singer (BeBe), a bass player (Jack), a drummer (Didi) and a guitarist (Sofiane). But above all, it’s a huge straight to your face explosion from Montreuil, with powerful tunes sounding like cries of fury (BB l’Trophé, C Deg, Kass1Tete, F.T.G. (les punks), Privilèges, PanikABord.. .). And honestly, this happy mess does everyone good. On stage, “KKM” have fun, ignore the codes and dust off an aging punk scene, far too masculine, and nostalgic for a so-called “good old days”.

The new scene is ready to fuck shit up, without looking back or apologizing for being there. >>LETS GO!

| Interview by Polka B. | Translation by NinoFutur

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You did your first gig very young! Before that, how did you start going to punk shows in Montreuil?

After you met each others, what pushed you to form King Kong Meuf? Because there are almost no band as this young active, and even fewer girls!

BeBe: I was fed up about going to the same concerts, seeing the same persons and the same sets each time. Guys who can’t even finish because they’re way too drunk and start throwing up on the drums. It pissed me off. If no one tries to do something else, well, personally, I was fucked! I didn’t know how to do anything in particular, but that doesn’t matter.

Jack: It’s thanks to you! I knew I wanted to do a musical project. It was when I met you that we started talking about this. It hyped me up. We didn’t necessarily want to do something “for girls only”. That wasn’t the main idea. It happened naturally.

Didi: That’s it. We simply make music with friends. That’s what I’ve always done, even before King Kong Meuf.

About this place, La Comedia, what did it brought to you? Knowing that it was a place not known to be a “safe space”, especially for girls?

Jack: We all met there. It was a bit like our meet up point, “for lack of better things”. But we could see that there were a lot of problems there, uncomforting people…

BeBe: It was a bit easy too. It was always open, there were concerts all the time… When we had the opportunity to do our first concert there, we asked ourselves a lot of questions.

We almost said no, and in fact we said… “well yes, exactly”! Of course it was a 15-minute concert… But at least we didn’t shut our mouths about what was happening there!

What was problematic?

Jack: It was like the meeting point for all the old punks of the area. And clearly, being a young girl and hanging out there… it’s complicated. You don’t go unnoticed. Everyone wants to talk to you at some point.

There were some nice people, but for others, when alcohol takes over... it just sucks! It’s better to leave before a certain hour!

BeBe: Real. There were a lot of old chesters… The place’s team protected their actions and everything that was happening there…

We really feel this rage though the lyrics of the song “BB l’Trophée”…

Didi: And it’s especially when you come alone there… When you arrive surrounded by other older people it doesn’t happen.

BeBe: “Oh but you’ve grown up a lot”, “you’re a woman now…”, “Ohh you’re 16? “, “don’t you say hello to uncle? “. And there’s this weird thing, like we should be educated on “real punk”, that kind of thing…

Why did you choose King Kong Meuf as your band name?

You quickly played a series of concerts in 2022… It seems that you quickly found an audience in Paris!

Jack: We were quickly asked for gigs, it’s true. We approached places by our side too.

BeBe: there was the Cirque electrique, l’International, l’ESP’asse, le Murs à Pêche in Montreuil, le Cri du Singe

You also played in Lille!

BeBe: And it was so cool.

Jack: Weknow people from there. It was at the Lille 3 University occupation.

BeBe: The Parisian middle, you quickly get fed up with it. It’s a kind of sect, with a really hypocritical aspect where everyone hangs out with each other while spitting in each other’s faces. We wanted to discover new people and experience other things.

The show aspect of King Kong Meuf seems important to you. The makeup, the costumes, the attitude, the flaming drum sticks… Why did you integrate these elements into your live performance?

You have done around thirty concerts yet, but you have very few songs available online. How did it come ?

Didi: The thing is that we were quickly asked for a lot of concerts, and we wanted to play! We weren’t going to answer that we had few songs recorded to be able to do them. Personally I don’t take much pleasure in recording. Above all, we wanted to experience the thing.

Jack: We didn’t know anyone to record us… Let’s just say it wasn’t our priority.

It’s not for everyone to be scheduled so quickly. What do you think this is due to?

BeBe: We ask ourselves the same question. I feel like there was a lot of mouth-to-ear connections. Everything happened quickly. We were motivated, available, and we did not refuse any gig.

From my point of view, the photos of your concerts have circulated quite a bit. The energy that emanates from it is crazy (especially the ones from Harshivvv). Far from Paris, we saw these photos of communion with the public passing by and it really made you want to go to the show, even without ever having seen you live!! Is this something you had thought about beforehand?

What does the 2-track project « TroP TARD KoNNARD » that you have just released represent for you?

Didi: We had to move to get things out. These two tracks stood out from the others. They looked good together.

Jack: Those were kind of our two “priority” songs.

Waiting for the album!

Jack: So… the album, we’re thinking about it yes! But it takes so long to record…

Didi: We only had “Apocalypse BB” listenable until then! And the song wasn’t very edgy… It’s important to have something cool to listen to!

But on stage you play for an hour! You have a lot of songs actually. For you, is live still a way to test things and see the audience’s reactions?

Jack: We just don’t take the time to record.

Didi: Fast life!

BeBe: And then, we never had this thing of working well before playing live. We always played ourselves directly on stage, and even if it is a carnage, we have learned to make up for it. And that’s so good.

That’s really what you feel in concert. You have a blast on stage, and it’s mostlythe energy that counts.

BeBe: When we watch the videos of our faces when we fuck up songs, we die of laughter. (Laughs)

Didi: Poker face!

What does King Kong Meuf represent in your respective lives? Are you plans for the future?

What are your listening to actually? Drop a playlist !

Nathy Peluso – MAFIOSA 

EP2F – Mon Flow

Sexy Sushi – Rien a foutre 

Jack Uzi – Uzi Drill 10 

Amyl and the sniffers – GFY

Trholz – Marie-Madeleine

Jul – Italia

Irracible – Comment ?!

Les Béru – Rebelles

Rita Mitsouko – Mandolino City

Collision – La Guarda Alta

Utopie – Ville Fantôme (The Specials)

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